Van Doren Designs, LLC

Van Doren Designs, LLC (VDD) is an engineering services/consulting company that was founded in 2004.  VDD specializes in finite element analysis, mechatronics, robotics, precision machine design, machine dynamics, and opto-mechanical design.  VDD uses SolidWorks and ANSYS software in its engineering practice. The primary mission of Van Doren Designs is to provide engineering design, analysis, test, and prototyping services in support of mechanical, robotic, mechatronic, and optical design applications.

Specialties:  Finite element analysis, mechatronics, robotics, opto-mechanics, precision machine design, machine dynamics, and general mechanical engineering design.

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The VDD Team:
Matthew J Van Doren, PhD, PE

Matthew J. Van Doren is VDD's company principal and has over 30 years of engineering experience.  Matthew is a licensed professional engineer and earned a PhD in mechanical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  After graduating from MIT, Matthew worked for the semiconductor manufacturing equipment maker SVGL, which was later acquired by ASML (the world's leading manufacturer of lithography equipment). Following SVGL/ASML, Matthew designed optical metrology equipment at Zygo Corp.   In 2004, Matthew started Van Doren Designs, LLC.   During his seventeen years at VDD, Matthew has worked on a wide range of engineering design and analysis projects including the design of robotic prosthetic arms, explosive ordinance disposal robotics, a six degree of freedom flexure hexapod, underwater robotics, the design and build of opto-mechanical assembly tooling, analysis of nanometer precision positioning stages, multi-physics and nonlinear finite element analysis, and a variety of other projects. Prior to MIT, Matthew earned his BSME and MSME degrees from The University of Texas at Austin.   While an undergrad, Matthew worked at Texas Instruments and UT's Applied Research Laboratories.   While a graduate student at MIT in the mechanical engineering department (Course 2), Matthew designed and built a five degree of freedom wafer handling robot and was awarded the Carl G. Sontheimer Prize for Excellence in Innovation and Creativity in Design.