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Matthew J Van Doren's Patents and Publications



8,614,786  Robot for In-vacuum Use.  Rob Lansbergen,  Hilary Harrold, Matthew Van Doren

7,869,003  Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method with reticle gripper.  
Matthew J. Van Doren, Jonathon Feroce.

6,876,453 (WO03102495)  Metrology System for Precision 3D Motion,  Matthew J. Van Doren, Michael Kuechel, Christopher Evans

5,700,046 (WO9710082) Wafer Gripper,  Matthew J. Van Doren, et al.

5,733,024 (WO9711623) Modular System,  Alexander Slocum, Matthew J. Van Doren, Don Sauer

5,733,096 (WO9110078) Multi-Stage Telescoping Structure,  Matthew J. Van Doren, Alexander Slocum, Don Sauer

WO9710079 Concentric Dual Elbow,  Matthew J. Van Doren



Selected Publications:


Van Doren, Matthew, Dornfeld, William, Marsh, Eric, “Flexure-based, Parallel Nano-Positioning Robot,”  ASPE Annual Meeting, Nov 2011, Denver, CO.

Marsh, Eric, Moerlein, Alex, Deakyne, Theodore, and Van Doren, Matthew, "In-Process
Measurement of Form Error and Force in Cylindrical Plunge Grinding," Precision Engineering, Volume 32, Issue 4, 10/2008.  Pp. 348-352.

Marsh, Eric, Arneson, Dave, Van Doren, Matthew, and Blystone, Scott, “Interferometric
Measurement of Workpiece Flatness in Ultra-Precision Flycutting”   Sensor Review;  Volume 26 Issue 3; 2006.  Pp. 209-217.

Marsh,  Eric, Arneson, David,  Van Doren, Matthew, Blystone, Scott, "The Effects of Spindle Dynamics on Precision Flycutting," American Society for Precision Engineering (ASPE) 2005 Annual Meeting.

Pryor, Mitch, Van Doren, Matthew.  “Manipulator Performance Criteria Based on Kinematic, Dyanmic, and Compliance Models”  Proceedings of the 1999 ASME Design Engineering Technical Conference.  Sept. 12-15, 1999, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Van Doren, Matthew and Slocum, Alexander.  “Design and Implementation of a Precision Material Handling Robot Control System”  International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture:  Design, Research, and Application.  Vol. 35, No. 7.  July, 1995.  Pp. 1003-1014.

Van Doren, Matthew.  “Precision Machine Design for the Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturing Industry,”  Ph.D. Thesis,  Massachusetts Institute of Technology, May 1995.

Van Doren, Matthew.  “Development of a Precision Machine Design Methodology for the Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturing Industry”  SEMATECH sponsored ARTWORK IV Conference, Cambridge, MA, October 21, 1993.

Van Doren, Matthew.  “Criteria Development Software to Support Decision Making Software for Modular, Reconfigurable Robotic Manipulators,” Report to DOE under Grant #DE-FG02-86NE37966, March, 1992.

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